Our VIP Services

By choosing any package, you will get access to our 2 VIP channels on Telegram : One for day trading: suitable for quick alerts on Gold, stock indices (US30, NASDAQ, DAX, and FTSE) and the other for swing trading: suitable for forex traders where you hold positions overnights.

12 months : 499$

1.36$ per day, you save 641$

6 months : 269$

1.49$ per day, you save 300$

3 months : 189$

2.1$ per day, you save 95.4$

1 month : 95$

3.16$ per day.

Reach us on telegram for payment info

Please note that before any payments
is forwarded, we want to ask you few questions to make sure you will be able to follow up with the signals and education. Otherwise, no need to pay us.

What to do when you head to telegram? Simply contact @BDAMARKET and tell us which package you would like to start with, then we will ask you few questions and train you if needed.