Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Beat The Market is an educational service that provides traders with high-quality forex, commodities, stock indices, and cryptocurrencies market analysis. The service also provides signals that reflect our opinion on the market and where the price could be heading to.

The signals are directly provided in our private telegram channels.
By choosing any package, you will have access to this rising community where we not only share signals but also share educational charts explaining the strategies.

In our watchlist, we focus on three major asset classes : 
Forex: All major pairs.
Stock indices: Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Dax, and FTSE. 
Commodities: Gold, Silver, US Oil, and Natural gas. 

We trade London and New York sessions because Leo is based in Europe.

We trade both swings and intra-day. Hence, there are 2 channels in the VIP where you get swings and intra-day signals separated.

We only use one TP as a potential target, if we close for whatever reason we announce it and we share the reason for closing early. 

Technical questions

We only target 1:3, 1:4, minimum 1:2 in the system we are following.

We really don’t like over trading, we are not a hedge fund, they can do portfolio management based on hedging their positions, as a day trader it’s almost impossible to do so. Therefore, having 2, 3 trades running simultaneously is maximum. We risk only 1% per trade as a recommendation.

Yes, very reasonable, The trades have managed to keep a steady growth closing +15% monthly in average. 

Mostly of the signals are pending orders, and if we are opening a trade with market price we send an alert before writing the signal so that you can get the same price we are getting.

The signals are structured like this :

XXXXX (instrument)
Order : pending
Type : buy/sell limit (buy/sell stop)
Price : x.xxxx
SL : x.xxxx (30 pips)
TP : x.xxxx (90 pips)

R:R ratio : 1:3
*Risking 1%