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A Word From Our Expert Trader

  • Hi, my name is Leo. I was born in a small village in Belgium. I didn’t grow up in the richest or the poorest background, just simple life. Becoming older, I felt like my entire life is heavily influenced by plenty of
    society’s norms
     “Leo you have to get high grades, study hard, find a secure job, be a good employee, marry
    and have kids, hold your job to be more secure for the next 47 years, and then retire when you’re 65 and enjoy
    life”. So, like any reasonable person, I studied hard I got my Ph.D. in mathematics and statistics, I became an assistant professor. 
  • It didn’t take me long enough until I realized that this wasn’t the life I wanted to live and decided to walk a different path: quitting my job, and following the true passion that I was doing as a side hustle which was trading forex currencies and stock indices. I established very solid knowledge about how to beat the markets by following well-tested strategies that I developed throughout my +12 years of experience. 
    I got the opportunity to travel around the world while trading through my laptop and phone. But most importantly, I learned how to look after myself without having to be reliant on someone else. So I created my 
    financial freedom through studying different successful traders and mentors. Plus, I got to do the
     things I enjoy the most.
  • And while all of this was happening, I noticed how the trading community has become more corrupted
    by many fake gurus who claim imaginary winning rates and sell people’s dreams to take their extra savings.
    This is where the idea of “Beat The Market” started growing its roots. Now, you have access to all my live trades through alerts on your phone that comes with a signal on where to buy or to sell the instrument I’m currently trading. Plus, each signal is followed by a live chart explaining why I’m entering this trade.
  •  Through your experience with “Beat the Market”, I want you to be able to trade by yourself and steal all my strategies.

    Trade safe, 
    Trader Leo

TRADING - One of The Keys To Unlock life's Sweetest Secret

Once you have gained the skills, you may never want to go back. It's a combination of three major factors...

Location Independence

The freedom to select when and where you want to trade from, allows you the free will to go to new places, see new things, and enjoy life. Compare this to being FORCED to drive through traffic and being OBLIGATED to get at work on a set date and time, day after day, week after week, year after year. Watching life running away.

Financial Stability

The huge advantage you have above others is you have a money machine that we call the market. Once you master the skills and follow all the signals, you will be able to generate enough money. Money gives you the power to follow your dreams, it gives you security. And most importantly, it gives you freedom.

Pursuit of Passion

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that when we're doing something meaningful, we're a lot more involved. You must work regardless of challenges because I can assure you that if you do not, it will become tedious after a while. Humans enjoy challenges. The market is a huge challenge we try to beat.

What Makes The Traders With us Highly Profitable?

There is no "magic" to it; the team just hyper-aware of details and current changes with the markets, and laser-focused on results. Here are the factors that 90% of our clients feel were the most important to their profitability:

Instant Alerts

Telegram is used to provide our daily Forex, stock indices alerts to your phone. One click to get the signals.

Quality Only

We focus only on high quality signals with low risk and high reward. We believe over-trading isn't good.


One message away from us. We anwser your queries and questions, giving you the support you need.

An Echo From Our Beloved Members

All  testimonials are genuine opinions from members of the VIP
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Best Trading Service.

Best Trading Service Hands down, the best trading services that exists. Complete transparency, full explanations of trading plans, consistent trading and highly educational. Unlike other trading signal providers, you get a full trading plan for each trade, then after the trade is closed, you get a full understanding as to why it worked or didn't work. I have been with the firm for 3 months and have been consistently profitable, week over week.

Spot on signals!!!

I’ve been following Beat The Market and many of the signals are spot on! His US30 signals especially rock!! I’m amazed at how he knows his charts and knows when to enter and exit! He definitely cares about his followers and sincerely wants us all to win!

Dorinda Horning

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The Best Trading Education & Signal Provider

The Best Trading Education & Signal Provider. Being new to trading, I initially had some bad experiences with other signal providers and foolishly even paid a lifetime membership to clowns who quickly helped me lose 50% of my capital. After nearly a year, I was ready to call it a day. However, I was lucky enough to find Leo and his chat group (Beat the Market) which really opened my eyes to the possibility of being a successful trader. Leo is an experienced trader, and does his utmost to protect your capital at all times with a safety first approach, aiming for min drawdown with good risk to reward ratios. All the positions he signals, he also trades himself and makes a complete progress report every month. Trades are explained in detail and if you have any questions, he is quick to answer them...even on trades & positions outside the group. I have been a member for 6 weeks now and have learned a tremendous amount in that time, especially with regard to risk management, chart analysis and good trading habits in general. I would thoroughly recommend joining this channel to anyone looking to learn trading from the ground up or looking to improve their existing skills

A good place for market analysis.

A good place for market analysis. Newbies will learn from his simplicity.

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adabeth ltd

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Jorge Pinedo Torres

The best option for learning.

The best option for learning and signals. The mentor answer all the questions.

Mastering the art of forex trading

I joined Leo’s community with the intention of improving my swing trades. Leo has shown me a whole new dimension of how to use trends, patterns, support & resistance levels, sentiments, fundamentals, correlations, patience … to look out for trades with high reward-risk ratios. This has given me a very good edge in forex trading where only a small % of traders can make profits long-term. With good risk & money management practices, i am gaining much better control over my investments. Equally important, the discussions with Leo & among other members of the community have created a solid educational & transparent environment for all traders.

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This is the most transparent signal…

This is the most transparent signal provider.

The best option for learning and signals.

The best option for learning and signals. The mentor is very kind and always answer all the questions.. Also a good place for market analysis with picture. Newbies will learn from his about the risk management also so you will not over trade or margin call because holding wrong position.

Melani Ansari

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Calum Trainor

United Kingdom
Leo is a meticulous and hard working…

Leo is a meticulous and hard working individual. He cares about your trades as much as his own and he has an attention to detail that separates him from others. I would highly recommend Leo’s services.

The most transparent and legit signals…

The most transparent and legit signals providers out there. I'm following other services, they don't only make you lose money but they lie in your face sending different prices then the real price is already moved.

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Muhammad Rashid


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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Beat The Market is an educational service that provides traders with high-quality forex, commodities, stock indices, and cryptocurrencies market analysis. The service also provides signals that reflect our opinion on the market and where the price could be heading to.

The signals are directly provided in our private telegram channels.
By choosing any package, you will have access to this rising community where we not only share signals but also share educational charts explaining the strategies.

In our watchlist, we focus on three major asset classes : 
Forex: All major pairs.
Stock indices: Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Dax, and FTSE. 
Commodities: Gold, Silver, US Oil, and Natural gas. 

We trade London and New York sessions because Leo is based in Europe.

We trade both swings and intra-day. Hence, there are 2 channels in the VIP where you get swings and intra-day signals separated.

We only use one TP as a potential target, if we close for whatever reason we announce it and we share the reason for closing early. 

Technical questions

We only target 1:3, 1:4, minimum 1:2 in the system we are following.

We really don’t like over trading, we are not a hedge fund, they can do portfolio management based on hedging their positions, as a day trader it’s almost impossible to do so. Therefore, having 2, 3 trades running simultaneously is maximum. We risk only 1% per trade as a recommendation.

Yes, very reasonable, The trades have managed to keep a steady growth closing +15% monthly in average. 

Most of the signals are pending orders, and if we are opening a trade with market price we send an alert before writing the signal so that you can get the same price we are getting.

The signals are structured like this :

XXXXX (instrument)
Order : pending
Type : buy/sell limit (buy/sell stop)
Price : x.xxxx
SL : x.xxxx (30 pips)
TP : x.xxxx (90 pips)

R:R ratio : 1:3
*Risking 1%